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Advertising is a critical component of any business’s broader marketing efforts, and by extension, marketing is the crucial variable for whether a business will succeed or fail. That said, even after putting significant effort into formulating and expending resources in implementing a winning marketing strategy, businesses of all types and sectors are increasingly at risk in the context of advertising and marketing law compliance. Further, service providers in the marketing sector, such as advertising agencies, can be subject to legal risk of liability by extension of their services. Compounding the challenge is the increasingly competitive landscape for digitally native brands looking to gain or defend market share while navigating an incredibly dynamic advertising and marketing law environment, ranging from privacy and data protection to enforcement actions alleging deceptive advertising as well as class-action type litigation.

RICHT has marketing and advertising at its foundation, with the firm’s founder coming from the advertising agency world. We aim to provide clients with pragmatic advertising law counsel that helps them not only achieve their goals for growth but exceed them. Unlike other law firms, we understand the dynamics and realities of marketing and advertising. The result is a limited, if any, “learning curve” and more seamless and valuable advice that accounts for business realities. Whether you are a brand or marketing agency utilizing data-driven targeted advertising and seeking to comply with corresponding privacy law considerations, trying to navigate trademark and claim substantiation, or some other matter, we are advertising and marketing compliance lawyers operating at the frontier and bring unique value and a proactive approach aimed at helping your business reach new heights.

Advertising & Marketing Law Services We Offer

Ad Review & Clearance

Transparent Pricing 

FTC Compliance & Defense 

Trademark & Copyright Law 

Claim Substantiation 

Health & Wellness Claims 

Made In USA Claims 

Environmental & “Greenwashing” Claims 

Sweepstakes & Promotions


Cannabis & CBD

ROSCA (Restore Online Shoppers’ Confidence Act)

Consumer Product Safety and Warranties

Email Marketing 

Direct Mail

Incentive, Referral, & Loyalty Programs 

Competent & Reliable Scientific Evidence (CRSE)

RIA SEC Marketing Rule

Domain Name Disputes

Affiliate Marketing 

Text Message Marketing

Online Reviews

Influencer Marketing 

Lead Generation

COPPA & Advertising To Children

Targeted Digital Advertising

Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Earnings Claims 

Lanham Act Claims 

Business Opportunity Rule 

Cancer Warning Labels (Proposition 65)

Regulated Products 

National Advertising Division (NAD) Disputes


Celebrity Endorsements

Event Promotion & Sponsorship

Defamation & 1st Amendment



Privacy Policies 

Terms & Conditions 


Refund & Shipping Policies 

Dark Patterns 

Auto Renewals Compliance 

Junk Fees 

Deceptive or False Advertising 

Charitable & Cause-Related Marketing 

Social Media 

Out of Home (OOH) Advertising 

TV Advertising 

State Attorneys General Investigations 

ADA Website Defense & Compliance 

Dot Com Disclosures

Master Service Agreements (MSAS) & Statements of Work (SOWs)


Section 230

Joint Ventures

Client Types & Sectors We Serve

Advertising Agencies

D2C eCommerce Brands

Marketplace Sellers

Travel & Hospitality

CPG Brands


Online Gaming

Dietary Supplements & Cosmetics

Cannabis Brands 

Digital Marketers 

Lead Generators

Media & Entertainment

Marketing Regulatory & Enforcement Agencies Of Focus

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

State Attorneys General 

National Advertising Division (NAD) Of The BBB

Electronic Retailing Self-Regulation Program (ERSP)

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

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    NBC News

    Hershey Facing Lawsuit Over 'Misleading' Reese’s Halloween Candy Packaging

    Hershey has been sued by a Florida woman who said its holiday-themed Reese’s peanut butter candies lack the artistic details shown on the packaging that make them worth buying. In a proposed federal class action filed on Thursday and seeking at least $5 million, Cynthia Kelly accused Hershey of deceiving reasonable consumers by falsely promising that its candies would contain “explicit carved out artistic designs.”

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    The Washington Post

    FTC Unveils Sweeping Plan To Boost Children’s Privacy Online

    The Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday unveiled a major proposal to expand protections for children’s personal data and to limit what information companies can collect from kids online, marking one of the U.S. government’s most aggressive efforts to create digital safeguards for children.

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