As an Amazon seller lawyer, we focus on helping clients capitalize on the immense opportunity present in the Amazon marketplace while avoiding risk and resolving potentially costly and damaging disputes and seller account suspensions.

The Firm’s founding attorney was a seller on Amazon. Therefore, we have a unique perspective on the critical role that robust and competent advocacy plays in a seller’s continued success on the largest online marketplace on earth.

With Amazon’s power in its decision-making of seller account suspensions or an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) deactivation, it is imperative to have trusted counsel who can assist with seller account reinstatement and further escalation, including arbitration and litigation. Further, Amazon is constantly “moving the goalposts,” requiring sellers to be proactive and stay up to date on where Amazon is heading. There are many examples of this dynamic and often confusing compliance landscape that Amazon mandates, with the latest example coming in the form of supplement certifications.

Beyond the challenges emanating from Amazon’s issuing sanctions, astutely navigating matters stemming from unscrupulous competitors and related seller pain points is also integral. Whether concerning trademark or copyright infringement, other intellectual property (IP) matters, breach of the seller terms, including as it concerns dropshipping violations, selling an Amazon FBA store, or various business torts such as interference with a contract or a breach, at RICHT, we offer a full-service legal offering to Amazon sellers and other e-commerce businesses.

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Amazon Seller Lawyer FAQs

A host of service providers focus on assisting Amazon sellers as they navigate issues, such as suspensions from selling on the largest marketplace in the world, Amazon.com. These services come in two primary forms: Amazon seller lawyers and consultants. Some consultants can be very good at what they do, but they have significant limitations on what they can offer. For example, they cannot engage in the unauthorized practice of law, and therefore, helping sellers navigate various legal issues, such as intellectual property claims or Amazon arbitration can be limited. Further, consultants may be ineffective in dealing with opposing counsel, whether Amazon’s lawyers or a third-party seller’s attorney, in light of the knowledge by the other side that, as a consultant, they are handicapped when advocating for their client.
There are various common causes for Amazon seller accounts getting suspended. The first relates to several types of intellectual property (IP) claims. The claims could involve alleged trademark or utility patent infringement and sometimes even copyright. Each IP claim must be handled in a tailored manner and may include providing invoices verifying authenticity, among other resolution strategies. Another common vector for seller account suspensions on Amazon involved related accounts. Specifically, Amazon alleges that a seller has numerous accounts that breach the seller agreement. Amazon has automated means to flag related account activity, and sellers have learned that even strategies to mask such relatedness can be unsuccessful.

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