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As an Amazon seller lawyer, at RICHT, we focus on helping clients capitalize on the immense opportunity present in the Amazon marketplace. The Firm's founding attorney was a seller on Amazon and therefore has a unique perspective on the critical role that robust and competent advocacy plays in a seller's success. With Amazon's power in its decision-making of suspending seller accounts or an Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN), having trusted counsel that can assist with seller account reinstatement and further escalation, including litigation, is imperative. Beyond just challenges emanating from Amazon issuing sanctions, astutely navigating matters stemming from unscrupulous competitors is also integral. Whether it is regarding trademark infringement, other intellectual property matters, selling an Amazon FBA store, or various business torts such as interference with a contract or a breach, our Firm's full service offering to Amazon sellers and e-commerce businesses, in general, is of unique value.

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    A fraudster paid $160,000 to recruit moles inside Amazon to help him hijack other sellers' accounts and products, a new report reveals

    The fraudster known as Krasr paid off moles inside of Amazon to help him hijack other sellers' accounts and copy their products, according to company documents reviewed by Reveal and Wired.

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