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Businesses and organizations of all types and sizes increasingly utilize text messaging to meet various goals. From Fortune 500s and large political campaigns to startups and healthcare providers, text messaging’s unique effectiveness in the marketing context and for other communication purposes is unparalleled in many respects. It is, therefore, seeing marked upticks in adoption. To illustrate the incredible effectiveness of properly executed text messaging, according to Crazy Egg, research shows open rates as high as 98% for text message marketing. With so much potential, it is no wonder that marketers are increasingly incorporating text messaging campaigns into their broader marketing stacks.

Unsurprisingly, though, and as is often the case, tools and strategies with great potential bring accompanying legal risk. Whether coming from risk vectors such as federal laws like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) or state laws such as the Florida Telephone Solicitation Act (FTSA), a variety of compliance considerations are critical to ensure before embarking upon text message marketing. Accentuating the essential need for accounting for relevant regulatory frameworks and associated legal considerations in this area concerns the rampant litigation, particularly on the part of “serial litigants.” 

As text message marketing lawyers with a unique focus on crossover of privacy, marketing, and technology laws, at RICHT, we understand the importance that valuable tools and strategies such as text messaging play for businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. Whether it be analyzing scenarios for compliance, drafting text messaging terms, including as they relate to consent, or providing a strategy to navigate litigation successfully, we aim to allow our clients to see success from text messaging while minimizing legal risk. 

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    New FCC Rule on Lead Generation Expected to Spur Wave of Lawsuits

    The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday is set to vote on a rule that attorneys say could dramatically increase the potential for lawsuits against lenders, insurers and law firms over unwanted texts and calls. The new rule would put stringent new restrictions on so-called lead generators — businesses that collect contact information provided by consumers and sell it to companies looking for new customers.

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    FCC to Launch Inquiry on AI's Impact on Robocalls and Robotexts

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairwoman announced that they intend to propose a Notice of Inquiry to better understand how artificial intelligence (AI) impacts illegal and unwanted robocalls and texts.

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    U.S. Supreme Court Backs Facebook In Case About Unwanted Texting

    The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday made it easier for businesses to pester consumers with phone calls or text messages by tossing out a lawsuit accusing Facebook Inc of violating a federal anti-robocall law.

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