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RICHT understands that data is, in many ways, the new currency for companies and organizations of practically all sizes and categories. The increasing proliferation of vast collection and storage of data has created new challenges on many fronts.

Breaches resulting in the disclosure of diverse kinds of potentially personal data has given rise to the rapid enactment of new regulations and laws on both the national and international levels.
We recognize that data collection and storage is a ubiquitous part of doing business in our interconnected world.

Our unique business-focused perspective in approaching the potentially overwhelming and ever-expanding web of legal frameworks is at the core of our Privacy & Cybersecurity Practice. We provide our clients with forward-focused guidance with a concentration on balancing risk within what is an incredibly dynamic regulatory landscape.

The way we address client matters relating to data, privacy, and cybersecurity is novel and interdisciplinary. We go beyond providing clients with traditional legal services and seek to provide added value services.

RICHT&Co., the digital and technological services arm at the firm, affords us a wide array of capabilities to offer a full suite of incident planning, response, and penetration testing services.

A New Privacy Landscape
Practice Focus Areas
How We Help
  • Privacy Policies & GDPR, CCPA, SHIELD ACT, COPPA & HIPAA
  • CPO On Call™
  • Data Breach Incident Response Plans
  • Breach Tabletops
  • Investigations
  • Cross Border Data Transfers
  • Cyberattacks & Ransomware Incidents
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