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Social media is a broad and ever-changing category of technologies that has been a prominent driver of change in the 21st century. Whether it is stalwarts like Meta’s Facebook and Instagram or newer entrants like ByteDance’s TikTok and the meteoric rise it experienced, one thing is certain: the potential social media holds is immense. Whether in the context of social media’s power to catapult a business to heights never seen as possible or on the flipside to inflict immense damage, the network effects of the technology are dynamic and broadly applicable regardless of sector. With so much potential, there is naturally a plethora of legal considerations that come with social media use. Some of the most notable areas of the law that arise in the context of social media include marketing campaign agreements (such as for influencer marketing), sweepstakes law, privacy law, intellectual property law (generally copyright and trademark), defamation law, and dispute resolution (between platforms and users as well as among users). As social media lawyers, RICHT assists clients with maximizing the potential social media offers while working to minimize risk and navigate disputes if they arise.

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    Social Media Law News


    The Verge

    Texas Bans Kids From Social Media Without Parental Consent

    Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill Tuesday banning kids under 18 from joining a wide variety of social media sites without parental consent.

    Social Media Law
    The New York Times

    Utah Law Could Curb Use of TikTok and Instagram by Children and Teens

    It is the first state law in the nation that will prohibit social media services from allowing users under 18 to have accounts without the explicit consent of a parent or guardian.

    Social Media Law
    The New York Times

    Supreme Court Puts Off Considering State Laws Curbing Internet Platforms

    The laws, enacted by Florida and Texas in response to conservative complaints about censorship, have been challenged under the First Amendment.

    Social Media Law

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