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With the proliferation of social media and the emergence of influencers with sizeable and intensely loyal followings, creators and brands alike have seen mutually beneficial opportunities in the realm of influencer marketing campaigns. One of the core drivers of the billions of dollars poured into influence marketing revolves around the potential for significantly outsized positive returns compared to traditional PPC or other digital efforts. Further, with the increasing regulatory privacy constraints, such as the GDPR and CPRA, and technical restrictions being put on targeted advertising, such as Apple's App Tracking Transparency (ATT), native advertising strategies, such as influencer marketing, are playing a more prominent role.
At RICHT, we are influencer lawyers helping clients on both the brand and creator sides capitalize on mutually beneficial opportunities and avoid legal risks present in influencer marketing campaigns. Our experience and ability to fuse business know-how with legal acumen allow us to bring a unique perspective focused on adding value that meaningfully moves the needle.
Our core focus areas in this practice include influencer marketing campaign negotiation, FTC disclosure, regulatory advisory, and dispute resolution between brands and creators.

Influencer Marketing Law Services We Offer

Contract Negotiation To Maximize Value For Brands & Compensation For Influencers

Intellectual Property Protection

FTC Regulatory Advisory Including Relating To Disclosure Guidelines

SEC & Other Regulatory Considerations

Account Suspension Remediation

Privacy & Marketing Law Counsel

Dispute Resolution


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    Influencer Marketing Law News

    New York Times

    SEC Charges Crypto Entrepreneur Justin Sun and his Companies for Fraud and Other Securities Law Violations

    Eight celebrities were also charged for illegal touting of Sun’s crypto asset securities.

    Influencer Marketing Law

    FTC Proposes to Strengthen Advertising Guidelines Against Fake and Manipulated Reviews

    Agency Warns Marketers on Child-Directed Stealth Advertising

    Influencer Marketing Law

    FTC Puts Hundreds of Businesses on Notice about Fake Reviews and Other Misleading Endorsements

    The Federal Trade Commission is blanketing industry with a clear message that, if they use endorsements to deceive consumers, the FTC will be ready to hold them responsible with every tool at its disposal.

    Influencer Marketing Law

    FTC’s Social Media “Product Placement” Rules Vs. TV/Movie Product Placements

    The FTC’s new rules, compared to the product placement rules in TV shows and movies, don’t seem fair to brands and agencies that rely heavily on brand ambassadors and influencers.

    Influencer Marketing Law

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