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Joint ventures are powerful business tools that can provide for mutually beneficial relationships that power both parties to new heights. That said, joint ventures and similar types of strategic alliances often require considerations that may be intricate, with the ultimate goal of maximizing advantages while guarding against the inherent risks present in all relationships. The purpose of a joint venture lawyer in these kinds of business relationships often revolves around negotiation and related contractual agreements to ensure clarity about each party’s rights and responsibilities and mitigate risk. Some of the most common areas of focus in the context of joint ventures concern financial and other contributions, intellectual property, and dispute resolution, among several other key areas.

At RICHT, our goal is to ensure that clients are protected when embarking on joint ventures that are both legally sound and strategically advantageous. Whether you are a startup, a seasoned entrepreneur, or a multinational, we can assist with the varying intricacies native to joint venture law, including due diligence, regulatory compliance, contract drafting, and negotiation. 

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    New York Law Journal

    Proving Joint Ventures: The Importance of Shared Losses

    Without an agreement between parties to share losses, a joint venture, and therefore a fiduciary duty and the breach thereof, may not be found to exist.

    Joint Ventures
    Travel + Leisure

    JetBlue to End Joint Venture with American Airlines

    JetBlue will not appeal a judge’s ruling to end its partnership with American Airlines in order to protect its planned purchase of Spirit Airlines.

    Joint Ventures

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