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There is a reason why celebrity endorsements are one of the oldest and most well-established marketing strategies. They simply work. However, there is a science that accompanies success relating to pairing the right celebrity with the right product or service. Still, when the right match is made, a celebrity endorsement can take a brand from relative obscurity and transform it into a household name. In addition to the necessity of wisely matching celebrities with the right brands to endorse, another critical component of success concerns the legal considerations accompanying celebrity endorsements.

At RICHT, we help celebrities of all types, whether in film, sports, or new media, realize a profit from the personal brands they have worked hard to build. Regardless of whether it is monetizing their names and likenesses, trademarks, copyrights, or other intellectual property, we develop creative legal solutions with the dual end goals of maximizing value and minimizing legal risk. We also assist brands in seeing success from celebrity endorsement and related branding campaigns while reducing legal risk. Regardless of which side of a particular endorsement or branding deal we are on, our goal is to structure a dynamic where both celebrity and brand are successful, which translates into future mutually beneficial opportunities for both parties.

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    ‘Big Brother’ Star Cries Foul Over Alleged Reface App Publicity Rights Violations

    Reality TV personality Kyland Young alleges in a proposed class action lawsuit that NeoCortext, Inc.’s face-swapping Reface app violates a California publicity law.

    Celebrity Endorsements
    Fox Business

    Hip hop artist Flo Rida awarded $82.6M in lawsuit against Celsius energy drinks

    Flo Rida sued the Boca Raton-based company in May 2021 for breach of contract after they failed to meet conditions in an endorsement deal.

    Celebrity Endorsements
    Bloomberg Law

    Celebrity Crypto Fines Flag Lessons for Lawyers

    The Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent $1.26 million settlement with Kim Kardashian holds lessons for other influencers and their attorneys.

    Celebrity Endorsements
    The Verge

    Google paid millions to radio hosts to endorse the Pixel 4 — even though they hadn’t used it

    Google and iHeartMedia will have to pay more than $9 million in penalties over the ads.

    Celebrity Endorsements

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