A Sport With An Ever-Growing Fan Base

Accompanied By A Host Of Legal Considerations

While gaming has always been a favorite human form of recreation, esports (electronic sports) has taken video games from a hobby to a competitive business. With the exponential growth in the category and immense progress we have seen in gaming technology, esports has gained hundreds of millions of fans across the globe. From titles like League of Legends to Call of Duty, the game genres with applications for esports growth are practically endless.

With so much fanfare around esports, we increasingly see the need for legal counsel to help stakeholders navigate what can be a complex yet opportunity-filled space. A lawyer is even more essential as the industry embarks on incorporating innovative technologies with potential application to the esports landscape, including the emerging metaverse and virtual reality in general. 

From contract drafting and negotiation for premiere esports events and sponsorships to intellectual property matters, including copyright and trademark for live broadcasting and merchandising deals, at RICHT, we aim to provide clients with a full suite of legal services that aim to provide not only legal protection but also to maximize value. The esports’ stakeholders are equally as varied as the legal matters that arise. On the player talent side, agreements for team participation, endorsements, and sponsorships are common. For game developers and tournament organizers, contracts include those relating to the venue and players. In addition, regulatory and compliance review, especially for illegal gambling considerations as well as IP protection and enforcement are the mainstays of the esports legal practice. Regardless of if our clients are a player, league, business, or some other stakeholder in the esports ecosystem, the same theme runs throughout the legal services we provide — a critical focus on delivering added value to clients beyond just legal protection. 

Esports Law Services We Offer

Game, League, & Tournament Terms
Intellectual Property
Promotions & Illegal Gambling Review
Contract Drafting & Negotiation
eCommerce & Merchandising
Legal Entity Formation
Endorsements, Sponsorships, & Influencer Agreements
NFT & Blockchain Regulatory Review
Privacy & Data Protection Compliance

Esports Stakeholders We Serve

Esports Teams, Esports Leagues, & Esports Tournaments

Marketing & Broadcast Media Companies

Venues & Event Organizers



Video Game Developers

Agencies & Management Companies


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