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Have Peace Of Mind Knowing Your Business Is Protected With Robust Terms

A Terms of Service, also referred to as Terms & Conditions, are policies that act as contractual agreements between your website and those who utilize it. Whether you operate an e-commerce website or some other online business, terms are necessary to protect your business adequately. Terms of Service & Conditions should include everything from clauses that protect your intellectual property to those that limit liability.
Terms drafted by a lawyer versus a generic or automated version are specific to your business and help ensure that the most crucial protections are in place and, perhaps more importantly, that disadvantageous terms are not included. It is critical that the right clauses and not the wrong ones are included as courts generally hold that Terms of Service are legally enforceable, so harmful clauses can be used against your business.
Our firm provides clients an affordable way to protect their business' with Terms of Service & Conditions that are specific to the nuances of their operations.

Why Not Use A Generic Terms of Service?
The Risks Of A Generic T&C
  • Lack of specific advisory and potential inclusion of overbroad terms that increase legal risk
  • Lack of understanding of what the terms mean for your business
  • Lack of assurance that the terms are up to date with the latest laws

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