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Sweepstakes, promotions, giveaways, and contests of all forms are seeing exponential growth from companies large and small due to their proven effectiveness in meeting marketing goals. With the widespread use of social media and the proliferation of the influencer marketing ecosystem, promotional strategies involving sweepstakes, giveaways, and contests, among other similar strategies, are being further propelled and widespread due to the strong potential for success. While these kinds of strategies are powerful growth drivers, there are a host of legal risk considerations to account for.

As marketing lawyers, RICHT knows the value of promotions and helps guide clients to see the rewards from their efforts while mitigating legal risk. After all, the laws governing sweepstakes, contests, and lotteries are state-specific, with federal law factored in. For example, New York and other states have nuanced requirements. Such a fractured legal landscape is complex and overwhelming for the outside observer. There are also ancillary legal considerations to factor in, ranging from terms and conditions, privacy law, and trademarks. It is also important to ensure that sweepstakes terms align with other agreements, as was illustrated in the Coinbase sweepstakes case that went before the Supreme Court. Our aim is to ensure clients can focus on meeting the goals of their promotions, whether it be sweepstakes, giveaways, or contests, while ensuring that relevant legal considerations are appropriately accounted for. 

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 Privacy & Data Collection Compliance

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Non-Profit & Charitable Marketing Compliance

 Drafting Of Official Rules & Affidavits of Eligibility

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Joint Ventures

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    Sweepstakes Law News


    Dogecoin Sweepstakes Case Heads to the Supreme Court

    A Coinbase promotion tried to harness the popularity and whimsy of the memecoin, but participants say they missed the fine print.

    Sweepstakes Law
    New York Times

    Publishers Clearing House Pays $18.5 Million in ‘Dark Patterns’ Suit

    Publishers Clearing House, the direct marketing company that uses sweepstakes to sell magazine subscriptions, agreed on Monday to pay $18.5 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the Federal Trade Commission, which accused the company of using what’s known as dark patterns to trick customers into paying for products or giving up their data.

    Sweepstakes Law
    National Law Review

    Planning a Giveaway: Legal Considerations for Contests and Sweepstakes

    Giveaways are an effective avenue for promoting a product or business—from the early days of mail-in contests to today’s online entries, sweepstakes have been a powerful marketing tool for decades.

    Sweepstakes Law
    Bloomberg Law

    Apple Beats ‘Loot Box’ Video Game Gambling Suit for Good

    Apple Inc. exited a proposed class suit alleging it entices teens to gamble by acquiring “loot boxes” for games downloaded from its App Store, when a California federal court again said the plaintiffs lacked standing and didn’t raise viable claims because loot boxes aren’t illegal.

    Sweepstakes Law

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