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As a law firm operating at the cusp of emerging technology and digital transformation, at RICHT, we are focused on helping clients capitalize on opportunities in the Metaverse and other Web 3.0 technologies. By fusing our marketing and media practice with our dedicated tech and blockchain practice, LexoCrypto™, we are uniquely situated to propel clients forward as they enter the new frontier of the metaverse and related regulation. Whether it is a novel challenge relating to non-fungible tokens (NFTs), a licensing agreement, or some other legal matter, at RICHT, we aim to empower clients to achieve their goals, whether in the metaverse or beyond.


Metaverse Law Services We Provide

Regulatory Risk Review & Advisory Including Whitepapers

Contract Formation & Negotiation

Intellectual Property Protection

Howey Test Analysis

Illegal Gambling Considerations

Privacy & Cybersecurity Law

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    The Record

    Metaverse Poses Privacy Risks For Users

    The immersive internet experience known as the metaverse will erode users’ privacy unless significant steps are taken to improve and regulate how the technology captures and stores personal data, a new report from New York University argues.

    Metaverse Law
    JPMorgan Chase & Co.

    Opportunities In The Metaverse

    How businesses can explore the metaverse and navigate the hype vs. reality

    Metaverse Law

    New trend report: Into the Metaverse

    Emerging consumer trends and brand opportunities in the metaverse

    Metaverse Law

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