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Services offered from RICHT&Co. are available to clients of the firm and not as a standalone offering.

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One of the core value propositions at RICHT is our focus on integrating advantageous technology into our client services and solutions. We believe that proper use of technology allows us to add expanded business value to clients and simultaneously bring down costs through increased efficiency.

One of the primary ways we ensure a tech-infused culture is through RICHT&Co, the firm's technical and digital services arm. RICHT&Co. affords us a variety of capabilities that can significantly compound the value we can provide beyond just our traditional legal service offerings.

We view the interrelated services on offer from RICHT&Co. as part and parcel of our three core practices. Since our practice areas revolve around different areas of privacy, marketing, technology, and the broader digital ecosystem, frequently, a need for highly technical services arises during the lifecycle of handling these legal matters. In such instances, through RICHT&Co., we can implement the necessary solutions seamlessly and effectively.

Beyond just convenience, though, having an integrated full-suite of capabilities has the potential for a reduction in both cost and complexity, especially when the matter at hand is very nuanced.