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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is a wide-ranging privacy and data protection law with compliance consequences for a broad line of business types. Like the European Union’s GDPR, the CCPA is extraterritorial in scope and applies to many companies not physically located in California. Enacted in 2018 and effect from a compliance perspective since 2020, the CCPA imposes requirements that include specific notices, such as via a privacy policy and various other rights for consumers.

At RICHT, we provide clients with a full suite of legal services to comply with the CCPA and avoid regulatory enforcement and private actions.


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    Top-10 Takeaways From The California AG’s CCPA Enforcement Case Examples

    In July, the office of the attorney general of California marked the one-year anniversary of its enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act by issuing a press release to tout its “successful enforcement efforts.”

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