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As a law firm focused on emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, we have a front-row seat and a nuanced understanding of the effect regulation, or lack thereof, has on companies, consumers, and economies. By its nature, the formation of law and policy is complex, with many variables. From political views to subject matter understanding, lawmakers and the citizenry have disparate opinions about emerging technologies and how they should be regulated.

At RICHT, we strongly believe that industry has a role to play in the rigorous policy debate required for forming legal frameworks that result in positives for all stakeholders. Regardless of the sector, whether our practice areas of privacy law, artificial intelligence, or LexoCrypto™, we see that industry stakeholders can positively shape the law. The reverse is also true, though. Where industry does not have a voice in shaping policy, regulations can have a detrimental effect, not only on a company’s future but also on the overall trajectory of the success of a nation. While our traditional legal services focus on helping clients navigate existing law, we believe that to provide clients with maximal value; we must ensure that they have a voice in the room when the laws affecting their future are being debated for passage. From large companies such as Google advocating for a comprehensive approach to privacy law to small businesses that are part of a trade group to ensure they can continue to reach their customers via targeted advertising, there is a place for all parties in the process of legislation.

RICHTPOLICY is our public affairs and government relations practice that focuses on helping clients in areas of emerging technologies have an effective say in the policy debate, which is highly dynamic and experiences changing alliances. Our integrated and comprehensive offering includes issue advocacy, digital infrastructure, and communications services via the combined and complementary capabilities of RICHT&Co., Baker Hartford, and the CyPri Society.

We are your voice “in the room.

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    Emerging Tech Policy News


    The New York Times

    How Crypto Money Is Poised to Influence the Election

    The industry’s political awakening — and enormous pool of cash — is already affecting high-profile races across the country.

    Crypto Policy

    AI Lobbying Spikes 185% As Calls For Regulation Surge

    AI-related lobbying reached new heights in 2023, with more than 450 organizations participating — a 185% increase from 2022, according to federal lobbying disclosures analyzed by OpenSecrets on behalf of CNBC.

    Artificial Intelligence Policy

    EU Competition Chief Defends Artificial Intelligence Act After Macron’s Attack

    The EU’s competition and digital chief has defended the bloc’s landmark law on artificial intelligence, saying the move would create “legal certainty” for tech start-ups building the technology, even as it comes under fire from critics including French President Emmanuel Macron.

    Artificial Intelligence Policy

    Hester Peirce, Republican Thorn In The SEC’s Side

    Donald Trump appointee has spent the past three years fighting efforts to boost financial regulation.

    Crypto Policy

    Tech Lobbyists Are Running The Table On State Privacy Laws

    The tech industry has largely co-opted the once-dreaded “patchwork” of state rules — and its success is sapping momentum for federal legislation.

    Privacy Law Policy

    When Tackling Crypto, The SEC Should Be Wary Of Overreach

    Despite laudable investor protection aims, there are risks to its aggressive approach.

    Crypto Policy
    TRM Labs

    TRM Talks Policy with Chris Brummer and Recap

    In the last week of June, after a busy quarter of policy consultations, new legislative packages and ongoing debate, TRM’s Policy team held its latest edition of TRM Talks Policy.

    Crypto Policy
    The Financial TImes

    OpenAI warns over split with Europe as regulation advances

    OpenAI chief Sam Altman has warned that Brussels’ efforts to regulate artificial intelligence could lead the maker of ChatGPT to pull its services from the EU, in the starkest sign yet of a growing transatlantic rift over how to control the technology.

    AI Policy
    New York Magazine

    Is the Federal Government Trying to Kill Off Crypto?

    The industry sure thinks so — even as the White House denies it.

    Crypto Policy

    U.S. Diplomat to Washington: You’re Becoming Obsolete in One Big Area of Tech Policy

    The digital world is changing before our eyes, and it’s not registering in Washington.

    Crypto Policy

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